This website is meant to talk, share. promote about a not so popular, yet awesome, way of building a business, called Bootstrapping. And having done that since over a decade now, I must tell you, Bootstrapping Rocks!

This is not to say that we are anti-funding. Being funded is cool too. You get to do things at a much bigger scale and much faster, sometimes a business needs that to survive. So funding or bootstrapping, it’s just about a choice one wishes to make.

Okay, so what’s the purpose then? Despite being in existence forever, we rarely see a post in the media about a bootstrapped entrepreneur or company. All we hear is, who got funded. And the world celebrates the funding. (Most of those funded businesses die within the next 2 years by the way.) But rarely do you see a post celebrating a bootstrapped business. (Even if they have been in existence for decades.) 

Each time I deliver a talk at a college/university on entrepreneurship, I always ask this question, “do you know what is a bootstrapped business?” In a room full of wannabe entrepreneurs, I have rarely seen a hand or two go up. Clearly, Bootstrapping needs promotion!

So 2 purposes essentially:
1. I want to share stories about entrepreneurs who chose a different way of building a business – take these stories to the world – as the “traditional media” won’t do it 
2. Educate and inspire loads of other entrepreneurs or wannabes who get bogged down when they don’t get funded but still want to make a business successful!

I am sure the objectives are like BHAGs, but then, even if a few thousand are impacted positively, why not do it!